Bail Bond Costs

How much a bail bond will cost depends on the bail amount. Most people cannot afford to post the full amount of the bail so they contact a bail bonds company like 1st Class Bail Bonds, Inc. 

How Bail Works

Most people who do business with us find that bailing someone out of jail is very simple and free of stress. Arrangements are made for payment of the bail bond premium and also to sign

Free Bail Information

If you are just trying to find out what charges your friend or loved one got arrested for we will be happy to call the jail and find out for you. If you just want information that is perfectly fine and is

Bail Bond Questions Answered

Answers to questions people often have about getting a bail bond for someone who was arrested in Orange County, California.

About Us

1st Class Bail Bonds has been helping people get their loved ones out of jail for over 30 years. 

Contact Information

Our office is located in Huntington Beach but we serve all of Southern California. 

Our Services

At 1st Class Bail Bonds, handling large bail amounts, collateral bonds, outstanding warrants and PC 1275 motions are our specialties.


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Payment Options

Many options exist for payment of the bail bond premium even if you do not have all the money up front.

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We Post Bonds at Courts Too!

Bonds can be posted for many outstanding warrants.

Sometimes people are detained when they show up for court.


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About Us

For over 30 years 1st Class Bail Bonds has been helping people get their friends and loved ones out of jail.

Contact Us

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