The Southern California Bail System

1st Class Bail Bonds is a Southern California Bail Bond company dedicated to helping people get their friends and loved ones out of jail. We make the bail bond process as simple and stress free as we possibly can. Each call is different and every person's situation is unique so we tailor our bailbonds services to meet the needs of each individual client that calls us.

Overview of the California Bail System:
Starting with the initial call to our bail bond agents will obtain the necessary information from you so we can verify where the person is in custody, determine if they have been fully booked in, find out if the jail is planning on transferring them, get the bail amount, charges and court date. We then explain the bail bond costs to you and what your obligations are as Indemnitor on the bail bond. Arrangements are made for you to sign the Bail Bond Agreement and other documents. Once they are signed, a bail agent posts the bail bond at the jail. Release times vary from about twenty minutes to an hour at local police departments and sheriff's stations to anywhere from three to twelve hours and sometimes more at county jails. We give you the best estimate we can at the time we do your transaction.

California Bail Bond Costs:

A California bail bond typically costs 10% of the bail amount so let's say the bail is $10,000. Then the bail bond costs $1,000. That's the fee to put up the $10,000 and it is called the Premium. You do not get the $1,000 back. Once the person walks out of the jail, that money is spent. Whether they are out of jail for one minute or one year, it's the same price. If charges are not filed, the case is dismissed, the person was falsely accused, etc. you do not get the premium back. But on the other hand if the case goes on for several months, maybe a year, they have the benefit of being free and being able to live a normal life in between court dates instead of being locked up. Many people who get bailbonds feel they have a better chance of fighting their case if they are out of custody. They have more access to resources and can present a better image to the judge dressed in a suit or nice clothes instead of a county jail jumpsuit.

Whatever you give us for collateral you do get back when the bail bonds are exonerated and the premium is paid in full. Quite often, people will call and say the judge, bailiff, court clerk or someone at the court told them their bail bond was exonerated and they can go get their money back from the bail agent. Surprisingly, many people in the court system don't fully understand how the Southern California bail bond system works. If you have any bail bond questions regarding your bail with us, please contact our office.


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